Fallen Member

Angela Marie “Kittie” Goforth

Angela Marie “Kittie” Goforth Date Passed January 9, 2018 Member #102 Member Since 2011 Though not an active member of ABATE for quite some time due to health limitations, “Kittie” continued to help out with the JAMR when she could.

Ted “Wingman” DeSalvatore

Ted “Wingman” DeSalvatore Date Passed March 23, 2017 Member #184 Member Since 2014 Ted was only a member of ABATE of Southern Idaho for a short time, but touched many lives… He was active in Black Thursday, conducting meetings with legislators, and was always there […]

Bob Farris

Bob “Enforcer” Farris Date Passed July 9, 2015 Member #136 Member Since 2012 Bob held an active role in ABATE of Southern Idaho, acting as Sergeant at Arms for 2 years.

Dominic “Nick” McLarnan

Dominic “Nick” McLarnan Date Passed June 12, 2015 Member #159 Member Since 2013

Mark “Fuzzy” Nelson

Mark “Fuzzy” Nelson Date Passed November 4, 2014 Member #11 Member Since 2009 Fuzzy was held the position of Chaplain for ABATE of Southern Idaho.

Faith “Gma” Smith

Faith “Gma” Smith Date Passed September 7, 2014 Member #44 Member Since 2011

Michael “Professor” Blankenship

Michael “Professor” Blankenship Date Passed April 21, 2011 Member #95 Member Since 2011

Jim Adams

James Joseph “Jim” Adams Date Passed May 15, 2010 Member #2 Member Since 2008 Jim was a Charter Member of ABATE of Southern Idaho.