Black Thursday

ABATE of Idaho has a sole purpose; to promote motorcycle rights, awareness, education, freedom of choice, and provide a favorable environment for motorcycle riders.

We seek to eliminate laws and perceptions that infringe upon motorcyclist rights and preclude proposed legislation that may infringe upon those rights.

The way that we accomplish this purpose is to join together and meet with our Legislators. We establish relationships and lines of communication with the legislative to keep them aware of our purpose and goals. We watch the proposed bills closely that are created that may diminish our rights, and then we discuss these bills with our Legislators.

This “meeting” with our Legislators typically occurs in late-January or early-February (depending on when the legislative session runs).  We will update our event calendar with the correct date for the current year.

Even if there aren’t any bills being introduced that may have a negative effect, we still meet with them and show support on their issues.

This year, (2017) we will be talking with them about “profiling”. Most people, bikers included, just have no idea of all the profiling that is happening in Idaho. We will try to bring awareness to the Capitol. Please join us in this effort. The more people that show up at the Capitol, will make a heavier impression on the Legislators, which works in our favor!

Please reserve this day (get it off work if you can) and show that you care for your rights, too.

Check out the past events.

This year’s Committee: