Fallen Member

Bob Farris

Bob “Enforcer” Farris Date Passed July 9, 2015 Member #136 Member Since 2012 Bob held an active role in ABATE of Southern Idaho, acting as Sergeant at Arms for 2 years.

Dominic “Nick” McLarnan

Dominic “Nick” McLarnan Date Passed June 12, 2015 Member #159 Member Since 2013

Mark “Fuzzy” Nelson

Mark “Fuzzy” Nelson Date Passed November 4, 2014 Member #11 Member Since 2009 Fuzzy was held the position of Chaplain for ABATE of Southern Idaho.

Faith “Gma” Smith

Faith “Gma” Smith Date Passed September 7, 2014 Member #44 Member Since 2011

Michael “Professor” Blankenship

Michael “Professor” Blankenship Date Passed April 21, 2011 Member #95 Member Since 2011